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United, today and tomorrow.

Ramadan is a month when the relationships within and outside the community are strengthened by fasting and breaking the fast together. To reinforce the friendship and dialogue between diverse communities, we gather in the intercultural dinners during Ramadan with people from all walks of life of varied communities, faith groups and non-faith groups to emphasise values such as mutual understanding, deep respect, love, and peace.

It’s easy to divide, yet to unite is not. Hence, we shall always look for common, because it’s much easier to spot similar things. So let’s make it easier, for all of us. We want to eat together, discuss together that Ramadan night.

United. Today and tomorrow.

12th of May
Clarendon Hall, York House

17th of May
Reading Cricket Club

22th of May
Queen Mary’s College Restaurant

29nd of May
Crowne Plaza

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